Why the Hell Am I SO KLUTZY???

Selfie with Bruises and Scrapes from yet another fall

A Catalog of Bad Falls I Have Had in the Last Two Years

Since May in 2015, when I slipped in a hotel bathroom and hit my head and had to wear my sunglasses at work, I've had 3 more bad falls! Why am I so klutzy? I think it's because it's a right-handed world and I'm just left-handedly stumbling through it.

  • Day After Kentucky Derby Day, May 2015, Hampton Beack - slipped on wet bathroom floor, fell, banged my head. At least my sunglasses from Dollar Tree were cute.

  • Day I Was Supposed to Leave for Chrissy and Bri's wedding in Illinois, late Oct 2015 - trying to break into my house after locking my keys inside. Fell while moving all the barricades in front of my porch window (there to make it hard to break into my house)

  • Women's March, January 2017 - tripped over the tip of my new-to-me half-size too big boots, fell down my entire porch steps, first fell on my hip then rolled hard down the steps (think: AAAAS YOUUUUU WIIIIIIISH) and broke fall with hand holding reused Dunks mug of hot chocolate, smashing it and my palm into the pavement. I'm so cool. Got up and ran for the next bus. Felt the pain as the day went on. Stayed for Elizabeth Warren, Marty Walsh and Ed Markey's speeches.

  • Yesterday March 2017 - I have this delicious new comforter for my bed. My bed is full size but I like having a King size comforter so you can roll around and even double it up in the cold cold months. During the night, it had slipped too far off the end and to the right of the bed and I didn't rearrange it back into place. Rounding the corner of my bed in a bit of a rush to get ready for an Uber that was arriving, got my brand new, never worn ballet flats from Old Navy tangled in the bedspread and tripped and fell on my left knee and both elbows, jamming my left shoulder pretty hard.

Seriously, my back is NOT HAPPY with me.