Vacation Begins Tomorrow - My Trips to San Francisco and New Orleans in April 2017

Bridget Eileen with family at Domaine Caneros Vineyard and Winery in Napa Valley

Heading to San Francisco and New Orleans for the Next Two Weeks!

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I may also make a weekly post and work on fixing old posts while on vacation. 

Pictured above is me in 2003 with my Uncle Ricky and my grandmother, Gramma Eileen. They live in San Francisco, along with two other uncles, an aunt and three cousins. My mother and I are meeting in SF on Tuesday (tomorrow) to visit them. In this picture, we had taken a day trip to Napa Valley for some wine tasting. We are at the winery "Domaine Carneros" in Napa. Our tour guide was a retired judge. He was a sweet guy. 

Bridget Eileen with mom and friends at Buffa's Back Room "Tacos, Tequila and Tiaras" in New Orleans
With Mom and her neighbor at Tacos, Tequila and Tiaras at Buffa's Back Room
After a four day visit to see the fam and experience San Francisco, I'm then heading home with my mom to NOLA for ten days, to chill with her, see more sites (still have a few on my To Do list despite this being my 9th visit in 7 years), see friends, and then -- I'm so excited -- go to the New Orleans Poetry Festival. And I'm heading to Buffa's Back Room for Tacos, Tequila and Tiaras (as seen above) 

Looking forward to my trip! Need to finish packing and also need to file my taxes and finish here at work (taking a dinner break to blog!). Don't forget to follow me while on vacation, I'll be posting to these social media platforms:

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