Style Blogging with Ancient Technology - I Don't Recommend It

cracked iphone 4 with polkadot duct tape
I'm donating this to the Smithsonian
Please note even my duct tape is pinupstyle

How I "DIY Style Blogged" with a Really Old Phone (Not Recommended)

Hoooooey! It's been a rough few months trying to run a little DIY plus size pin up style blog with a cracked screen iPhone4. Everything is tougher. The lighting and megapixels are low quality compared to a newer phone. Certain filtering apps, like PicTapGo aren't available on the phone. Instragram doesn't keep your crops and adjustments when you upload onto their older version. This is no way to live as an "Everyday Pin-Up Style Blogger."

I had an iPhone 5 but after the software update it kept crashing, so it only really worked if I kept it plugged in, taking the "mobile" out of mobile phone. Then something went wrong with the dock connector and it wouldn't charge anymore.

I was in a phone purgatory from December to March. My sister works at AT&T and my mom and I shared a plan at Verizon. My mom wanted to switch over to my sister's plan because we'd get a good rate. Her contract recently ended. Mine had until July. So finally this month, we all got our ducks in a row, my sister wizarded some Phone Plan Magic, she got a new iPhone7, I got her iPhone 6s, my mom got a new iPhone and we're all on AT&T. And now I can take GREAT pictures again.

What I Did in the Meantime

I continued posting daily to Vintage_Bridge on Instagram even though the pictures weren't as great as ones from a newer iPhone model. I still has stuff to share!

Then I reviewed all of my Pinterest posts about blogging to my Pinterest board called "Bloggity Blog Blog Blog" and follwed the tips about enhancing posts. I have a lot of posts, and I'm only about a 3rd of the way through improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of all of them.

There's a lot to do. When I first started out, I was just winging it and was also not aware of how much I would come to love this site and want to make it a part of my every day, perhaps in a part-time venture, instead of just a hobby.

As a result a lot of posts are sparse of content, have hashtags in the title, don't have a header and also have no search description. That's a lot to edit for almost 1100 posts. I spent more time chipping away at the old than trying to make new ones in the past months.

As a result I have a lot of content to post about! I'm working on a weekly basis for new posts and then trying to fix about 10+ old posts a week. But I think I should maybe step it up to two posts a aweek and 15-20 fixed posts if I want to really spiff up Vintage Bridge!

Anyway, stay tuned for more developements and thanks for bearing with my less than stellar quality outfit selfies from teh past months.