"the Scared is scared of all the things you like..." - 'A Six-Year-Old’s Advice on Life and Overcoming Fear, Turned into a Heartwarming Movie' via Brainpickings

bravery in dark times

Watch This Video about Overcoming Fear and Finding Out What "the Scared" is Scared of ... a video via Brainpickings

Thanks to this video, I know what I'm doing on January 20, when I might feel very scared about the future of our country: all the things I like. Definitely pizza, chocolate chip cookies, smoothies, wearing leopard print and purple, Jane Austen, mystery television shows, walks in the woods, reading books, writing in my journal, working on my blog, working on my poetry. That's what I'll do. It'll be a good day of work and then doing the things I love. And I will skip the news that day.

Great video by Bianca Giaver, created by a six-year-old named Asa https://www.brainpickings.org/2015/08/20/bianca-giaever-the-scared-is-scared/