I Have a Poem Published in a New, Single-Issue Literary Magazine of Political Resistance, Hineni Magazine

Cover of Hineni Magazine by Andrea Baker

Bridget Eileen Poem Published in Hineni Magazine, January 2017

Publishers and editors Jennifer Marie Bartlett and Jim Stewart produced a single-issue literary magazine of political resistance, to coincide with the annual New Year's Day marathon reading at the Poetry Project. Hineni Magazine is available online at


You can find my poem under my name, Bridget Eileen. It's titled "Cram Your Way Into Her Body."


In 2011-12, I set out to write a poem a day for a year, from April to April. In February of that year, while watching Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, I created this poem, in response to then-Virginia governor Bob McDonnell proposing that every woman who sought an abortion would have to have a state-mandated vaginal probe before going through with the procedure. The gross unconstitutional invasion of privacy was mostly an Anti-Privacy (that is my term for so-called Pro Life voters and politicians) means of fundraising, rather than actually trying to do anything that was medically sound or necessary, nor useful to ending Roe v Wade. That is what prompted the content of my poem in this magazine of political resistance.