Post-Election: Coping, and Acting

NARAL meme in support of minority communities feeling threatened after the election results fo 2016
I stand with the the vulnerable

Post-Election: Coping, and Acting

Sigh. Hoo. It's rough out there. Like, rough. Yesterday I was definitely in the "anger" phase. I drove home with one hand on the wheel the other over my mouth, deep in thought and worry for the future.

Today, I feel more hopeful, as I see the people who are reaching out to others to stand up with the vulnerable and threatened communities. 

I was maybe going to go to a Love Rally and a poetry reading, but I realized that today need to be an at-home self-nurturing kind of day. 

I cooked, a lot. I made an amazing smoothie, baked oat bars (no raisins, though, but instead a raspberry swirl - hiya Tori) and made a homemade veggie tomato sauce. With the day off -- thanks, Veterans -- I had the time to take a long, hot shower. (As opposed to my 5-minute, hair not washed type daily showers). I listened to the podcast "Stuff Mom Never Told You." I started a new journal; I titled it "Grimoire for Dark Times." 

After an accidental nap from 5-8, I watched "Moone Boy" and made dinner. Now I'm reading Pantsuit Nation posts on Facebook -- my, do I cherish that Open Secret Group. The posts gave me the idea to make a donation to Planned Parenthood in Mike Pence's name, which is what I did, for $10. And I got the info for volunteering at the library for ESL adult tutoring. 

I've also decided to compartmentalize. My regular Facebook page, this blog and it's link-list sister blog at Tumblr and my Twitter feed will be where I post my political stuff. Instagram and will remain as tacitly political as they've usually been. (I think it is "political" act to promote sex positivity and body positivity they way I do in those forums, but I do not do with added political commentary. I just let it exist and complete its mission by its existence.) I look forward to having a space carved out for myself that isn't infused with the urgent worry I have for the present and future of this country and the world. 

So, anyone reading this who is like me and feeling worried, despairing, anxious and on the verge of hopeless, I hope my ideas for distraction and empowering have inspired you. And I'll end with this quote, that I got permission to share, from a Pansuit Nation post:

"There is an old saying: When change happens there are three steps: first, it is ridiculed. Secondly, it is violently opposed. Lastly, it is viewed as self evident. Election night showed us we are still in Stage 2 instead of 3. Frustrating, yes, but not the end. If anything, it shows that we are winning."