Michelle Obama on Failure and Resilience

Michelle Obama on Failure, a quote from her talk at Howard University on Sep 1, 2016

One thing I want you all to remember is that failure is an important part of success.  Nobody up here went a straight line to success.  There are bumps and slip-ups and embarrassments that you think you will never overcome.  Everyone has had it, from the President on up or down, whichever way you look at it.   
The thing that you can’t do it hide from your failures and not seek help when you are struggling... it’s resilience that gets you through.  The people who are successful aren’t the people who succeed all the time, it’s the people who can recover when they fail... Remember that.  There are people here who love you, who are here, they want you to succeed...don’t think you have to do this alone.  Because nobody does anything hard or good or important alone. 
Full transcript of the talk with Michelle Obama, Nick Cannon and Seth Meyers is available here: