Living Room Makeover w/ Hand-Me-Down, Thrift Store & Ikea Furniture for a Boho Chic Room on a Budget

Boho Chic Living Room with Taupe Couch

Boho Style Decor for the Living Room "Mild" Makeover with Hand-Me-Down, Ikea, and Thrift Store Furniture and Decorations

One roommate moved out, and she owned the sectional in the living room, so we had to get new furniture, and do a slight makeover. My other roommate was able to get a great deal on that lovely taupe couch, for only $50 from a co-worker! The brown curtain is from the old roommate. The white curtains and pillows were from my mom, as was the square coffee table (I got a lot of stuff from her when she moved to New Orleans). The red side tables are from Ikea, $10. 

Boho Decor with Art Wall and Arm Chair

This is the "art wall" and my grandmother's (my Nana's) armchair. I love that chair and have had it since 2001. In a lovely bit of irony: the knit blanket that is thrown over the chair was probably made while Nana sat in that chair, 35 years ago. (She made one for me and for my brother. We each still have ours, and they're in amazingly mint condition.) The little side table is from Christmas Tree Shops and was only $10.

Boho Chic Home Decor Ideas with Ikea Shelving and vintage furniture

We need a newer TV! But for now, this is what we have. The left shelf is from Ikea $10. The right shelf was left behind by a former tenant. The "tv stand" is a night stand from my mom. The chair is from the old Brigham Ice Cream Shop at the South Shore Plaza, which no longer exists as a store and the Plaza is technically called the South Shore Mall but no one I know calls it that.

Bohemian Style Home Decorating with thrift store furniture, colorful curtains and Ikea shelving

We're going to bring the potted herbs inside for the winter and keep them on the shelf and desk by the windows for fresh herbs during the cold season. I think with the windows sealed and some fertilizing and watering, that should do the trick? We will see. The left shelf was left behind by my old roommate. The desk was $8 and the chair was $4 at Savers Thrift Store. The right book shelf is from Ikea, $15. Pink curtains from old roommate. Orange curtains from Ikea, $8. White curtains from my mom. Taupe curtains from Christmas Tree Shop, $10. Dark pink curtain was $8 from Savers. It is covering exposed pipes. I sliced the inside of an embroidery hoop and unlatched the outside of it and put the curtain around the hoop, then put that around the pipes. Then I mounted the hoop to nails in the very top of the wall. I used that ribbon to help keep it in place, but I think the bows are a bit much and plan to take them down. 

This was the mess in the middle of redoing everything.

This was the sectional from before. It was very comfy, though it did take up a lot of space in our long but slightly narrow living room. My mom and other previous house guests who slept here will surely miss it, though!

I like the living room a lot and am most looking forward to doing what you'd expect in a room like this: watching football. Wait, what? But yeah. That's the truth! GO PATS!