It's Fall! Happy Mabon! Get ready for pumpkin flavored everything and pretty fall decor. I love autumn decorations!

It's Fall! Time for Pumpkin Flavored EVERYTHING and Autumn Decorations! HAPPY MABON!

I love Sept and Oct (November is not my favorite). I really love pumpkin flavored things. Yesterday a co-worker brought in pumpkin zucchini bread with walnuts. Nom nom nom. And I LOVE the decorations for Fall. 

Fall Decorations on a Budget

Congrats to Señor Skull, who joined the tchotchke collection from CVS Halloween clearance in 2009. He found a new partner at World Market clearance sale last year, Señorita De Los Muertos. 💓🎃💓 Wedding plans will resume after the busy season. His best friend, Frederick the Violin Playing Dog (Walgreens spring garden sale, 2008), will be both best dog & play the music at the ceremony.

Jack-o-Lantern man is from Dollar Tree. The Dia de los Muertos banner is from World Market 90% off post-Halloween clearance sale last year. I think that means I paid twenty cents for it. 

Man, what is it about owls that just set my heart a-singing? I love them! I'm a bird person, overall, too. Anyone from the South Shore probably has fond memories of owls and owl pellet dissection after going to the Trailside Museum at Blue Hill. That plus Harry Potter makes me love owls. Hedwigggggggg! Anyway, this little cutie is from Family Dollar, $3.

What is Mabon?

That's the Neo-Pagan term for the celebration of the Fall Equinox. It's a holiday today for some people. I'm celebrating by posting pictures of my Fall Decorations! Haha. And hopefully I'll get a good contemplative walk in at some point. That's my ritual for the "Wheel of the Year" holidays.