My Letter to Gov Baker to Sign #TransBillMA into Law

Trans Equality Flag

Governor Charlie Baker Could Sign Trans Bill MA (S2407) Into Law Immediately - Here Is My Letter Urging Him to Do So

It may seem silly for an ultra femme ciswoman to say she relates, albeit in a much smaller level, to transpeople. But I'm saying it anyway. It wasn't easy to seize my nature, as a girlie girl who loved girlie things, and still assert that I should be accepted and taken seriously. I wrote about that in my "Feminine Feminist Manifesto" on my fashion blog.

You also wouldn't think that a DIY amateur plus size pin up fashion blog would be a political thing to do, but in this body-shaming, slut-shaming, misogynistic girlie-denigrating world, it certainly is. Without being in-your-face, just by want of its existence, I do my best to promote body-positivity, sex-positivity and empowerment through embracing and venerating the often overlooked "feminine intelligence." -- Because I love girlie-ness of my own volition, of my own nature, not because it was forced on me. So, that is why I assert that I do feel an alliance with other humans who pursue their version of happiness regardless of what others claim their happiness should be. "An it harm none, do as ye will..." and all that good stuff.

You can send your support and encouragement for the TransBillMA by clicking the "Freedom Massachusetts" link below:

Here is my letter to Governor Baker:

Dear Gov Baker, 
Oh what a bright and shining moment signing this bill could bring to a week like this week, with its bleak onslaught of news. To make a law protecting the vulnerable--empowering those citizens who have historically been so very marginalized, marginalized to the point of having the highest suicide rate of any demographic, to know they are supported by their government, and law enforcement--would be the kind of thing that could give a despairing population much hope that progress is possible and equality and justice is achievable.  
By signing this bill you could save so many lives. To the trans community, you will say that no matter how the people in your lives may try to make you feel about being who you are, your democracy, your state, stands with you and your right to live free and pursue happiness. And regardless of where any of us are in the gender spectrum, we can all relate to the tyranny of others trying to make us feel less than just because of who we are and how we chose to manifest that. 
Please, sign this bill. Be a hero!