To Be The Greatest: life lessons in confidence and spirit in the face of adversity and criticism, learned from Muhammad Ali

Never ever ever give up on yourself. Be the greatest. These are the lessons of Muhammad Ali.

In mourning, with many of you. Please listen to this amazing "This I Believe" essay from NPR, the last one aired on All Things Considered. It's an essay written by Muhammad Ali titled, "I Am Still the Greatest" and it has been my inspiration through the toughest times of creeping self-doubt.

The "faceless mob" can be critical and spirit-breakingly harsh. The ubiquitous "they" can be judgmental, and really don't like it when you do you, especially when challenging them and their ideas. Muhammad Ali was more than just the greatest boxer. Ali was the greatest at showing those of us who to dare to go against the grain, that we can and should do it.

Do not conform, regardless of the consequences.