Spring Flowers in NOLA ~ Happy Beltane!

hibscus in bloom in a garden in New Orleans

Ah, the Beauties and Joys of Zone 9 Gardening in New Orleans

These are the flowers that grow in front of mom's house--in February. Yes, hibscus in February. Unimaginable to those of us up North in southern New England, living in zone 5/6 (7a if you're on a certain part of the coast).

We in Boston aren't likely to see our hibiscus until July? or so. But it is Spring for certain! Lilacs, tulips, and my favorite: irises! 

The funny thing for me about being in NOLA in Feb is that I get these terrible mid-Spring allergies twice: two weeks in Feb there, then again down here at the end of April/beginning of May! Worth it though, in both places. 

Happy Spring! Happy Beltane!

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