Landmarks of NYC: pictures of New York City Sites


Photo Blog Post of New York City Landmarks

View of Yankee Stadium from the Highway in the Bronx
(And I really mean it this season!)

Washington Square Arch on busy spring weekend
Washington Square Arch, the miniature of the Arc de Triomphe

Guggenheim Museum in New York City with two yellow cabs in front
The Guggenheim Museum

Side View of Statue of Liberty from High Rise Apartment in Financial District
Lady Liberty, view from my friend's apartment (lucky friend, I know...)

Two High Rise Apartments Overlooking Central Park from park bench
View from a bench in Central Park

Gilda Radner Way street sign in SoHo Greenwich Village view at dusk
Gilda Radner Way in the Village 
When I was little, after I read her memoir in 9th grade, I really wanted to be on SNL

A working pay phone in the Greenwich Village
WTF is this? 
An American TARDIS?