5-a-day from a Healthy Brunch of Berry Smoothie, Tomato Soup, and Avocado Toast

berry smoothie tomato soup avacado toast 5 a days brunch
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Getting my 5 fruits and veggies with a Healthy Brunch at Home: Berry Smoothie, Avocado Toast, Tomato Soup

I try to get to five fruits and/or vegetables every day. Some days are better than others. This day was a delicious berry smoothie with blueberry, strawberry, banana, spinach, lime juice, soy milk, plain yogurt, honey (dissolve in some hot water then add to blender), cinnamon, ginger and flax seed. 

Tomato soup from Pacific Foods with some evoo and sriracha garnish. The avocado toast was on fresh local bread from When Pigs Fly Bakery, but I got it day-old for half price, same with the very ripe avocado, thanks to my bohemian budget bargain hunting at the Harvest Coop. There's a bit of tahini and cambozola on the toast, too. 

I wish I could eat like this every day, but alas this a totally a weekend, at-home brunch meal.