Sex, Objectification & Body Positivity

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Never read the comments…Although over all they have been very encouraging. I just read this one, though

About time!! Now all women can objectify themselves

WHICH DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!  I think denigrating a woman for wanting to show off her sexiness and demonizing her sexuality despite her embracing of it is just about as honorable as those oppressive conservative misogynists who criticze women for being feminist. Have you ever thought to question why we, in society, automatically put anything sexual in the category of “bad”, whether as feminists objecting to alleged objectification or conservative monotheistic religious people criticizing sexual liberation?

Anyway, love this ad. I had a bikini picture that I was reticent to post because I’m the same size and after this I went and posted it anyway. Because in ten years I’m going to look back on my body now and wish I appreciated current me. So, I went for it! Embrace yours curves. Embrace your sexuality. Damn the naysayers, from either side. THANK YOU ASHLEY GRAHAM!