Miller High Life with Lime: The Poor Man's Corona

Sometimes I want to spend less or I'm actually just too full on the yummy craft beers so I'll move on the to drinking Miller High Life--with a lime. I pour it in a glass and squeeze a lime wedge in. really tasty. I've been doing the "poor man's Corona" since 2004, when I switched from a full-time salaried job in education to a part-time one so that I could concentrate on grad school for creative writing. Those were very very very lean years. I wasn't even in grad school yet! I was putting together a portfolio and trying to make a good future plan as a writer. Anyway, the Champagne of Beers was so so so cheap--the cheapest beer at the convenient store near me in war far away Pittsfield, ME where I was living for free as a housesitter. I just thought, "they put lime in Corona and it tastes so much more palatable that way. Why not try it with MHL?" And my favorite cheap beer drink was born. I think a lot of other people have caught on to this trick. I ordered it in NOLA a few years ago and the bartender is I was friend with so-and-so and I was like, "No, why?" "Because she orders that and also calls it a Poor Man's Corona." Weird, eh? Anyway, try it sometime. It's extra tasty when it's really hot and you're drinking out on the porch or something.