Mad Men Dream

In my dream last night, I reimagined the Mad Men finale. I was part of it. It took place in the future: 2125, but it was more like a 60s depiction of what the future will look like. All advertising production–TV sets and studio, offices, everything–was moved to Baghdad and they (SC&P, that is) said they were doing it even though it was kind of dangerous because they knew it would be better soon and they wanted to buy cheap there and start the trend of everyone else moving commercial and advertisement production in Iraq. Roger Sterling and Don Draper were dressed as John Slattery and John Hamm and were directing commericals. I went along with the whole Baghdad thing because I really wanted the job. I was just a PA I think. Anyway, when I looked out the office building window, for miles and miles I saw pink, greeen and yellow pastel colored housing developments that looked like they were from a Dr Seuss drawing. [spoiler alert] Roger was still married to Marie. She was scoffing at me for being nervous about Baghdad. Vivid dream. I miss that show.