IDGAF, on Controversy & Conceptual Poets

The thing about Vanessa Place & Kenny Goldsmith is not only that they’re using racism to make “art” but that they’re really boring & meh. The only credence their work has is from the fact that they’re in academia and/or on TV for doing weird shit and getting enough people, I guess those who fear seeming dumb for not “getting it,” to buy into it just enough to cause a hubbub that has their name recognized in literary conference crowds. It’s all very ephemeral. When their disgusting dust finally settles from the current chitter chat (I’m being more dismissive here of their defenders; detractors based on content I’m on the side of), history will blow it away with the breeze and no one will give a fuck in a century from now. They’re the equivalent of can-can girls, gypsies, reality TV stars. They only matter because we let them. They should be where they belong: ignored & forgotten. Not only because they’re racist, but also because they’re work is boring stupid shit.