HAPPY PATRIOTS' DAY!!! Happy Marathon Monday, Bostonians!

#thisisstillourfuckingcity #boston Here I am in my Patriots vintage tshirt for Patriots' Day in Massachusetts and Maine. All the rest y'all are jealous not to have a random Monday off, I know. This is the day that the Revolutionary War began in 1775, the Battle of Lexington and Concord. A while back I worked just outside Minuteman National Park and had lunch, naps and walks there almost every week day when I worked a morning job and a night job. (Thanks to the Recession!) I saw the markers for the soldiers of Britain and America, with flags next to each other. Hard to remember England was a sworn enemy at one time (2 times, actually). 

The other newer and more distressing attack in Boston from 3 marathons ago still sticks with me in ways I actually prefer not to think about. To be a definitive target of terrorists, with so many friends and loved ones close by to the site of the bombing is very hard to think about. (The first picture I saw when I hopped on social media to see who of my friends were at the marathon in town was a picture of my nephew on the shoulders of my brother with the billowing flags of the world at the finish line behind them. Because my nephew was 2 and a half and therefore tired after a long day, they ended up leaving 45 minutes before the bombs went off there. Had just made it home, actually, when they went off. What if what if what if--that's what I don't want to think about.) Still, like David Ortiz said, "This is our fucking city," and the soulless loser maggot turd fuckfaces who try to mess with it fail and then fuck off and die.

So! If you've got the day, enjoy yourself and our amazing fucking city! We're the best.