30 Days of Poetry: Days 3-7

30 Days of Poetry: a Poet's Log Book of Daily Efforts in Poetry for National Poetry Month, Days 3-8

Hey hey! Here's my update on what I've been up to to make a concerted effort to put poetry into every day. I kinda do this all the time but this month, I'm making sure I'm doing it and noting what I did.

Day 3: Reading for ideas on revising a mss I'm working on. There's something missing in the ending sections of the work. Today I read "Delta of Venus" by Anais Nin. It made me realize that I don't need to get into more of the eros in the sections, but more of the development of the voices from the beginning of the book of the poems to the end.

Day 4: Read Paris Spleen. I think maybe the prose poem form will help in writing new poems to round out the end of the manuscript. I just flipped to the middle of the beginning and read four poems.

Day 5: Research and prepare for the Book Spine Poem project. First just plain old Googling. Then I looked on Pinterest. In my notes, I realized the "formula" is making sure, as with un-found poetry, there's some concrete images and rich action verbs.

Day 6: Create Book Spine Poems. It's kinda funny how things work sometimes. You could take ages to make a body of work (like the mss I mentioned above for Days 3 & 4, which is now OFFICIALLY as of this month, in its 10th year of progress) or you just plop down 11 book spine poems in about an hour and a half. Voila!

Day 7: Took pictures and type up (and edit for artistic license) the Book Spine Poems.

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