What. The. F---: Stupidest School in Boston, UP Academy Holland AKA Orwellian Dystopia for Urban Children

Suspensions of kindergarteners. Absolute silence in the hallways. Discpline for sucking your teeth, slouching or rolling your eyes. The strictest, most sickening discipline -- which sounds like it's from a George Orwell novel, not a report on a Boston public radio station. But that is exactly what it is. A factual report on a school in the City of Boston.
As an Equal Justice Works fellow at Greater Boston Legal Services, McIntyre represents students who have been unlawfully suspended or expelled. Almost all are students of color, she says, and all have disabilities. Her clients’ median age is 8.
It is SHAMEFUL that while Massachusetts children of wealthy families receive some of the most progressive and impressive education private schools like Montessori can provide, public school schildren in lower income homes in Boston get a prison-like atmosphere, that punishes students for being human beings with opinions and natural desires to socially interact while in walking down the hall. I want to reach my hand through the computer and smack every stupid, rigid jerkface who thinks that any of this is even remotely a good idea. IT IS DISGUSTING.

I can only imagine what my favorite education guru Alfie Kohn must be thinking of this story.

Full story: http://learninglab.wbur.org/2016/03/09/what-discipline-looks-like-at-a-boston-school-with-325-suspensions/