Hearty Minestrone #SlowCooker Soup

I actually started this on the stove top: start with a roux of breadcrumbs and butter, then cook up garlic, carrots, onions, & celery in red wine. Season as cooking. Once the alcohol is cooked off, add the sauteed veg to the slow cooker, with a can of crush tomatoes, 1.5 can of water, can of dark red beans & chick peas, frozen peas & spinach, dried rosemary, thyme, & sage from my garden, dash of red pepper, plus coriander, paprika and turmeric, and about a 1 tbs of extra virgin olive oil. Add seasoning. Set in slowcooker on low over night, until everything smells and tastes well incorporated, about 8 hours. Some things to add if the soup seems a bit bland: use broth/add veg bouillon, add Bragg's liquid aminos, scoop two ladles and puree then add back into soup. Cook pasta to just al dente separately and add to preference for each bowl, almost as garnish.