Tom + Lorenzo Tweeted at Me, So Of Course I Screen Capped It for Posterity Like the Nerd I Am

I am an unbashed geek, screencapping a tweet. But I love these men like crazy. I'm one of the "Bitter Kittens" (what they call their vast fan base). They have all the same favorite shows! Mad Men, Outlander and, accordingly, Downton Abbey. They're part of my imaginary entourage of famous-y people who I call "best friends I've never met." So when they thanked me for my Twitter love, you know I'm sceen-capping that and sharing it on my online notebook here! Hahaha.

Anyway, check out Tom + Lorenzo for the latest in fashion, TV and other pop culture stuff. They're a wittier, more culturally intelligent experience than the plain old gossip magazines.