#tbt Savannah, Georgia 2012

Here I am all dressed up for the wedding of my friends Rene & Tim. They made it a destination wedding to Savannah. Their wedding took place at the Mansion on Forsyth Park in the Historic District. It was really fun and that place is so beautiful! My mom bought that fascinator in New Orleans for my birthday earlier that year. It's made appearances at other special occasions, like Bachelorette Parties and Derby celebrations. I have lost those hoop earrings, that awesome black and white ring and that pretty purple bracelet. I accidentally wore that watch in the ocean in Florida and broke it. What in the world?

This is on the Savannah Slow Ride. That is, you pedal a multiseat bicycle contraption and drink alcohol as a means of bar hopping and seeing the sights of Savannah. Honestly. It was so fun.