#NewBooks For Me: "Spring Wildflowers of New England" by Marilyn J Dwelley @BWBooks

I borrowed this beautiful book - "Spring Wildflowers of New England" by Marilyn J Dwelley, published by Down East Books - from the Concord Public Library ages ago and kept looking to see if my favorite website to buy books from Better World Books carried it for a good price. It finally came available just before Christmas, while I was doing my Christmas gift shopping, so I snapped it up for myself. 

This is great for amateur nature lovers who like to take walks and do plant identification. That's one of my favorite little hobbies, in fact. This book is grouped by color and is hand illustrated. The pictures are better than photos because the plants are isolated and the author was able to show the different identification markers in her simple yet gorgeous illustrations. I also was able to get a slightly more used and older copy of the counter part to this book, "Summer and Fall Wildflowers of New England."