The @TownshendQuincy

 #gnocchi with #mushroom This was all of my favorite things. I wasn't too hungry, just a little and this small(er) plate was exactly the right portion and so very very tasty. The beer options are fantastic here as well. The Townshend is right in Quincy Center across from the train station. 

My brain is trying not to melt with the idea that such a swanky place is where "The BAHgenEYAH" used to be. "The Bargaineer" was an odd lots discount store that closed in Quincy the early 90s, I think--the Weymouth one closed during the Recession. That store was where my obsession with beautiful dresses at a bargain price began -- as an infant, since my mom used to find really great deals on really pretty girl clothes for me. And now it's a bunch of different things including this restaurant. Hahaha. 

I have heard over and over that Quincy, with its proximity to the Red Line and the ever-expensive city of Boston, is now an up-and-coming real estate market. This is another hard thing for me to wrap my brain around. It's ruining my stipulation that the South Shore is "where banality goes to thrive" (TM, Bridget Eileen) with all these fun and interesting places to get tasty dishes and beers. I guess my prejudice against my area of origin could use some challenging. I still love Rozzie & JP a lot more though. However, Quincy is where all the fam is so I'll always have lots of sentimental love for that City of Presidents.