Longbourn #ChristmasWreath - Merry Christmas!

#wreathmaking #handmade #holidaycrafts This cute little one made me think of it as something pretty, seasonal and understated, (As opposed to "Pink & Glitter" which I posted earlier today and which I pictured going on the door of a Judy Garland/Tori Amos loving flashy gfabulous gay man's brownstone in the South End of Boston). It's something I thought that Elizabeth and Jane would have created for the front door at Longbourn, after setting asside needlework for the holidays. You all know that Jane Austen is my Dead Best Friend I Never Met, right? Love love love her. This is my tribute to her and the characters in my favorite book, Pride and Prejudice. Though it spans a whole year, for some reason I think of it as a Christmas book. Maybe because Meg Ryan's character in "You've Got Mail" said she reads it every year at Christmas. I read the annotated version earlier this year, so I'm re-reading Sense and Sensibility right now. But only ever on the T (MBTA, Boston's public transportation system) because I can have it free on my phone and it gives me something to do while riding the subway.