Fenway! The Dog, Not the Park #shihtzu #rescuedogs #oneeyedwonder #petadoption

This is my dog brother, Fenway, hanging out in my bed with me on Saturday. He is here in Boston instead of New Orleans, along with our mummy, for the holidays. Just showing off how cute he is. Thursday, Christmas Eve, was his 5th anniversary adoption day. Isn't he the cutest? Mom got him with just the one eye. The groomers do a good job with his cute fur to make it less of a "thing." He's the best. Hope you're enjoying time with your friends and family, furry or otherwise! If you want to adopt a delightful doggie into your family, I can't recommend it enough! Go to a local shelter, or contact the ASPCA. https://www.aspca.org/adopt-pet

We got our Fenway from the Louisiana SPCA. https://www.la-spca.org/