#tbt Boston to #BermudaCruise 2007

This was a family trip we took after my father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. But today, I chose to remember the nicer times, with these photos.

If you're from the Boston area, the best thing about the Boston to Bermuda Cruise is that the moment you get on the boat--you're on vacation. The journey is part of the vacation.

Bring your stretchy pants, because the food is really good. 

In Bermuda, you can head to the Swizzle Inn for a Rum Swizzle. "Siwzzle Inn, Swagger Out" is their slogan. http://www.swizzleinn.com/

Bermuda is beautful. The houses, beaches, weather, flowers and my favorite: snorkleing! I loved the beautiful tropical fish!