#SmallBusinessSaturday Centre St Shops in #JamaicaPlain #shopsmall

@Papercutsjp Bookstore in JP: Support Your Local Indie Bookstore

Fancy Schmancy Pet Groomer and Pet Store

@CarameloJP Clothing Company

If you're ever touristing in Boston and you have some time to see some outskirt-city spots, take the 39 from Back Bay to Centre St in Jamaica Plain. I'd start right before you get to Forest Hills and walk your way from South St to S. Huntington at the MSPCA. There's books stores, comic stores, consignment stores, a hat shop (post about that forthcoming) as well as tons of great bakeries, cafes and restaurants. Here's some snapshots of just a few: Fancy Schmancy pet grooming and care, Caramelo Clothing Company and a literary review I purchased at the Jamaica Plain bookstore, Papercuts.