#JuliaChild's #ScrambledEggs #Recipe Kicked Up a Bit

Isn't this plate so pretty? And being half fruit is really way breakfast should go. Some yummy multigrain toast, fresh raspberries and scrambled eggs. Julia Childs instructs us to set aside a few table spoons of the scrambled egg mixture for the very end of the cooking process, to help them come out very creamy. I scramble 5 eggs (for 2 people), about a table spoon of milk, salt and pepper. Over medium heat, I melted half tablespoon of butter and cooked the eggs, stirring and folding . I also sprinkled in some shreed cheddar and folded that in. Then when the eggs looked mostly cooked, I added the set aside mixture, another half tablespoon of butter and another sprinkled of cheese, stirred it all up still on the medium high heat, covered the pan than turned to low for a moment to melt cheese and let eggs settle, then served. I added a little bit more salt and a generous sprinkle of pepper at the end as well. They were damn good eggs, I have to say.