#Roslindale Day Parade 2015 #boston

Hey there #MayorMartyWalsh marching in the Roslindale Day Parade this weekend and shaking hands with the people along the parade route! Good times. I think he's doing a pretty good job. 
Marches readying to begin the Roslindale Day Parade on Washington St. Guess what? Someone in my family has lived in this area for one hundred years. 
The flag flies over the official starting point on Belgrade Ave.

Boston Police Bag Pipers march by my friend Erin's house. Erin and I grew up 1.6 miles away from each other, in the suburbs. Now we live 1.6 miles away from each other in the city. 32 years and nothing has changed!

That's her son, kinda dissin' the mayah.

A mini "Welcome to Roslindale" sign! All the neighborhoods of Boston have a sign like this on their borders. 

Didn't I do a good job putting my name on that float? I am a Rising Star, I agree. (JK, it's a different Bridget who painted that, who'se probably way cooler than I am.)

This band sounds like NOLA jazz bands. They're great!