Charlie Pierce Theorizes the Pope's Meeting with Kim Davis Was a Conspiracy

I think because liberal Catholics of New England want to believe that this pope DGAF about gay marriage or any of the other hot button issues for the uber sex negative (but we all know secretly insanely kinky, in all likelihood) cardinals leftover from the John Paul II/ Ratzinger days. But whether your pope takes the name of the Best Hippie in History and espouses charity and love, the Church still has its Thomistic/Augustinian Doctrine which espouses that sex should be strictly for procreative reasons only and therefore 2nd & 3rd base, bum stuff, and sex between the infertile is all very very very evil. There's no getting out of that mindset, liberal Catholics, except to not be Catholic anymore. Sorry, kids: it's standard issue.

Anyway, read his story of papal/ Vatican mystery and intrigue at: