#homedecor #Budget #BohoChic Bedroom Makeover w/ #IKEA help

This is my old bedroom at my parents' house. I did a great makeover to my childhood bedroom one very productive weekend, with the help of old stuff and choice items from Ikea. I moved back for a while in the late 2000s, for grad school and while my father was sick with stage 4 lung cancer (he died about 8 years ago, sadly).

Pillows were my mothers, couch was my Nana's. Raggedy Ann dolls were mine from growing up. I kept an old Toulouse-Lautrec calendar and use that for wall art. That's my #1 boho budget trick! Bookshelves are from Ikea. 

Before - bureau organization IKEA home decor
Here's my hot mess of a bureau/vanity, next to my bed. 

After - bureau organization IKEA
Here it is after. I used this really inexpensive shoe wracks to create volume. Bowls to separate out different types of jewelry and different little storage shelves for makeup. I still do this in my current bedroom. 

Before - desk organization, home decor
My hot mess of a desk. Why is there a bottle of Frangelico just sitting there? Who knows.

After - desk organization IKEA home decor
Using magazine holders and the show rack I created more storage space for organizing. 

Glad I went back to this. It's inspiring me because I need a little help in my current bedroom. Both in motivation for making it look better and with idea for rearranging storage.