#FoodieThings Goat Milk Brie #AdventuresInCheese

#GoatBrie #nomnomnom This stuff as AMAZING. I bought a small wedge of it at Harvest Coop in Forest Hills. It's so fantastic. The unctuousness of goat cheese, the smooth texture of brie. My my. Adventures in Cheese Heaven. 

Only thing is: I had the WEIRDEST dreams after eating this stuff! First I had a dream there was a 4th floor to the triple decker that I live in and it was larger than the other apartment. The fixtures and decor were dated, all from the 80s, but it was beatiful and there was a roof deck that overlooked a park--but not a park that actually exists in Boston. I think I saw something like what I dreamed when I was in Savannah a few years ago. My dream the next day was that there was a turkey-looking dragon who lived in the alley behind my house and it was trying to eat my hands whenever I tried to go to my car. 

Regardless of the crazy dreams, this cheese is worth it.