Things I Would Purchase/ Go to If

If I had the time and/or the money, I would go to the following things/ purchase the following things. (As it stands, I have no spare time because I work too much, yet I still have no money, thanks to the fact that I also have a very old and tired car.)

PURCHASE MacGregor Card's new chapbook "The Archers":

ATTEND The Olson Centennial in Gloucester (I might go to the event on the last day but I'll be coming from Portsmouth on a girls' weekend getaway, so I may miss it. Ah well. There's plenty of times I've skipped things with my girlfriends to do poetry stuff. I'm sure Poetry won't mind--as if Poetry were a spouse...hmm, apt, I think...):

ATTEND Fanny Howe & Katie Peterson at MIT, Oct 21, 7 PM (I may be able to go this one if they've hired a second ast lib here by then...):

ATTEND Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity:

PURCHASE The Recluse:

ATTEND A showing of the movie "Howl". Check for local listings: And then just stay the day at the West Newton Cinema to see Jack Goes Boating and Waiting for Superman

PURCHASE Micah Ballard and Mick Carr's collaborative effort book "Poems from the New Winter Palace":

ATTEND Louisiana SPCA "Howling Success" Gala, a 40s attire event featuring Mad Men's most notorious gay gentleman, Sal Romano (Bryan Batt). My mother volunteers at the New Orleans SPCA and keeps saying she wishes I could be there for this event:

Learn more about the Louisiana SPCA at Five years after Katrina and in the wake of this summer's Gulf Coast Disaster, coupled with the economic downturn, Mom says they're inundated with pets to adopt. Take a trip down no New Orleans just to rescue some! That's what a couple on my return flight from NOLA this summer were doing. Since it was just them and me at the back of the plane, the flight attendant allowed the pups out of the kennels. They sat between me and the flight attendant in my empty row of seats. We doted on the little chocolate dachshunds while flying over Missouri and whatnot.