Loretta Lynn's Kitchen and the American Road Trip

Loretta Lynn's Kitchen is just outside of Nashville on the way to Memphis, where I am right now. I looked around while my mom took a power nap. I did not buy the FROG Jam (Fig Raspberry Orange Ginger). We stopped in Nashville for dinner. I had Fried Green Tomato Sliders on buttermilk biscuits with boursin, orange marmalade salsa and hot pepper vinegar at Whiskey Kitchen. I also had a French Manhattan, which is a Manhattan with St Germains. Yum!

Seeing America via road trip is one grand thing, I tell you. Except for the giant Confederate flag on the hill once we crossed the border from VA to TN, it's been really beautiful down here. The Shenandoah Valley is gorgeous and we saw it at sunset, so that was extra nice. Tennessee is very hilly. And you can go 70 MPH on the highway.

Tomorrow is Graceland and then New Orleans.