Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.

I am a feminist and declared myself so in the 90s. So, thar she blows! A person who inspires me is a woman who represents Feminism in the 90s. A woman whose worn many hats. The woman who inspires me is our current Secretary of State. Our former NY Senator. Our most over-exposed, yet most influential First Lady: Hillary Clinton.

The ladies in my family are very sensitive ladies, and we aren't afraid of being ourselves. I see those qualities amplified in Hillary. And I will never forget, when Mom, my sister, and I were all registered to vote int he same precinct and went, during the Democratic Primary, to go vote. The three of us, having just recently lost my dad, also a Hillary supporter (yes, yes indeed, Marine Corps Viet Nam vets can be ardent supporters of Hillary Clinton) went to the voting booth and--for the first time in our lives, cast a presidential vote for a woman.

We all, being the sensitive saps that we are, cried a little bit, with joy, afterward. Things said were, "I love her, I love him. I love her more." And, "Can you believe our wonderful choices are between our first woman president and our first black president?" And, "It's an abundance of riches." We're all really happy with our President and our Sectary of State. We'd've been happy should roles have reversed. We had an abudance of riches in the primary.

For me, though, it was extra special because, when those formative year occurred--when I decided to be a vegetarian, when I fell in love with Tori Amos's music, when I read Alice Walker's novels, when my life long interest in politics took a personal turn--that was 1993. That was when Hillary first Reigned as a Woman to Aspire To. How could I not consider her an inspiration? She WAS my formative years.

So, I admire her. I revere her. She inspires me. And, to bring uber current events into it: who else could've gotten Chinese President Hu Jintao to face an American press conference, which cajoled the president to state that China needs to improve its human rights issues? Certainly not effing Condaleezza Rice, Colin Powell, or Henry Kissinger.

"Branget biatch!"