Memorial Day 2014 in St Louis


A Tour of St Louis's Baseball Park: Busch Stadium

That's me at the home park for the #StLouis #Cardinals, #BuschStadium with St Louis's famous Arch in the background. My sister lives in Springfield, IL, so we did a family day trip to St Louis when I went to visit her last year. I matched the Card colors (also matched the Red Sox!!) with my Old Navy wrap dress ($8). Those fabulous sunglasses ($2) and that cute trapezoid vintage beaded necklace ($1) were from the Pink Elephant Antique Mall along the highway from St Louis to Springfield. This was my 10th MLB ballpark visit. I've been to: Red Sox (duh), Yankees, Mets, Blue Jays, Orioles, White Sox, Diamondbacks and As games and have visited Cardinals and Cubs parks but not see a game at  either of the two fierce competitors' home fields.