#Kale & Blood Orange Salad from Elsa Billgren #foodiethings

This looks AMAZING and really simple & tasty. http://elsa.elle.se/mandagstrio-moblering-vitt-och-blodapelsin/

 Elsa Billgren's Kale & Blood Orange Salad
Today's vegetarian recipes will this salad of kale and blood orange! It's great for grilled and very good in the summer, take to the beach or serve with freshly grilled meats or vegetables next.

2 people need: 
- 1 small green (or other kind) k√•lshuvud 
- 4 small blood oranges 
- 1 sharlottenl√∂k 
- olive oil 
- salt flakes

Rinse and divide the kale, blanch if you want. Peel and slice the oranges. Make thin boats of the shallot. Mix everything on a platter, drizzle olive oil over, add salt and serve immediately!