The City Park Outdoor Sculpture Garden in New Orleans

Bridget Eileen at the City Park Outdoor Sculpture Garden in New Orleans

Love and Spiders in NOLA

Here's me posing with the Spider sculpture in a sculpture garden at New Orlean's City Park. In this pic are the sculpture works of Robert Indiana and Louise Bourgeois.

I love this picture because I love spiders & I love New Orleans & I love LOVE & I love that stripey dress & they're all in this one photo!

This photo is fro Feb 2014. The sculpture garden of City Park is free to visit. City Park is the second largest urban park in the country. If you've been to New Orleans for Jazzfest, you may have visited City Park because the location for Jazzfest is nearby. In addition to great walking paths, excelent picni and play space, a cafe and the New Orleans Museum of Art, they also have paddle boats! When was the last time you went paddle boating?!?!? I haven't done it at City Park, but I'm putting it on the To Do List for a future visits.

It's a great part of the city to visit, if you ever get the chance to go there.

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