Girls' Night Out - Painting at the Muse Paint Bar

Paint Night at Muse Pain Bar in Hingham Shipyard

I'm a lucky lady to have so many dear friends from growing up. Our recent outting was to Muse Paint Bar in Hingham Shipyard, next door to Wahlbergers (y'know, like the show; I didn't see Donnie, Marky Mark or "Ma" either).

The theme of the painting is "Acadian Illumination." I'm pretty sure I have a picture from Maine's Acadia National Park that's got a red sun like that in it, too! I love Maine, my adopted home from age 18 to 28.

Anyway, the venue is very fun and the teachers and staff are really nice. I recommend it for an outing! If you're not in the Boston area, there's tons of paint nights everywhere it seems. I've definitely done one in NOLA with my mother.