Dreaming of Famous People

Oh man. Two nights in a row now I've have crazy dreams about famous people. Sunday night, after Downton, I had a dream that I was in a lingerie show with the women of Downton (not the Dowager, though). Only to realize at the last minute it was changed into a talent show so I had to find more clothes to wear just before hopping on stage to sing.

Last night in my dream, my friends and I were a mystery solving crew, like the Scooby people, and we'd traveled to Egypt where we met Eli Manning and Tom Brady. We were attacked by terrorists. Eli Manning had the hots for me and thought I was meant to be his philosophical guru and I was trying to shun him on accout of being a Patriots fan. Tom & I talked about the time we met at the farm. He asked "What were you doing there if you solve crimes?" And I told him that I liked the low cost local organnic vegetables and crime solving was only part time work so I need meantime work, too. He said he understood and laughed.


But that's dreams for you.

I bet anything there's a website dedicated to dreams with NFLers and/or Downton Abbey characters, just like in 2008 there was "I Dream of Hillary" and "I Dream of Barack".