Today's poem - Child of an Idumean Night

I may try to get back on a regimen of a poem a day, but this time instead of writing one, I will read one and leave my notes here on the online notebook.

Today's poem is "Child of an Idumean Night" a work in progress, say the author, Jerome Rothenberg, and he has generously shared this work, and his own notes to it, on his blog.

How do you all feel about reading poems online versus reading them in print. I don't liek the experience of reading one online as much as I like one in print. Something about seeing it flat on the page, as if on a canvas, that makes me feel more comfortable knowing a poem and experiencing it to its fullest. I wonder if, in time to come, this will truly be an archaic and foreign concept.

I guess the other problem is while I am trying to write about it, I must either toggle between screens, or do a split screen on the monitor, and physically my eyes and hands don't like that as much touching the page, pointing my finger to the line I want to address then beginning to write about it.

I haven't said anything about the poem, yet, have I? But I think notes on how physically reading a poem affects our intake of it do matter.