Poem Prayer

Most of the time I'm like a very paranoid poker player, keeping my poems extremely close to the chest and not letting anyone peek before I'm sure I won't care what others might say, before my feelings about the poems are something like, "I quite like them no matter what anyone says, so here you are, have a look."

But today I feel like sharing the poem I wrote this week, thinking of what happened in Connecticut and thinking of my own personal things from the week.

Here is a prayer

O ether to us all
Whatever be your name
Imbibe us with compassion
See that we live deliberately
Seek joy, seek wisdom in
garbage, violence, hunger
For every thing has its
Story and we know not
ourselves, others, the world,
the mysteries it contains
See that we take care
to wrap ourselves in
tender sheets so that we
may love and do well
in this world, thinking
openly and seeking to
widen what is narrow
through the powerful force
of our genuine love
emanating in our
soft and freeing touch
Help us believe in the sacred
That is in everything
And help us use that
Knowledge to
free all realms
fromt he tyranny of
helplessness, fear, sorrow,
vacuous existence, cherrlessness
Ourselves alone, each
together, looking within
Reaching to another
Building outward, hoping
All things at once
For and against, but
always with
Can achieve