Gillian's "I Voted" sticker and the kindness of strangers

My roommate Gillian became a citizen about four years ago. As a result, today was her first ever presidential election as a voter. In Massachusetts, they give out these cool little "I Voted" stickers. Gillian was so happy to get her sticker, like a little kid. I love wearing my sticker too. I think we're never too old for stickers. Anyway, somehow, probably while running for the bus, from our polling place Gillian lost her first ever sticker. Sadface.

I happened to mention this in conversation with a mom and her tween daughter, who were at the farm stand where I work. Just a pair of people I had never met before that I was chatting with as I checked out their purchase. But when they heard of Gillian's lost voting sticker after her momentous occasion of voting for the first time, they looked at each other, the mom said, "Should we give her our sticker?" The daughter nodded enthusiastically and handed over their sticker, still on its wax backing, to me, so that the roommate of a stranger they'd just met could have something to commemorate her special life event.

I started tearing up right then and there. I am again. I love the kindness of strangers. I think Gillian's second sticker is even better than the first. She's keeping it on her mirror for now. Then, who knows? Somewhere in her mementos to share with the grandkids some day.