Deadspin's Excellent Defense of Nate Silver

Remember during the 2008 election I would write open letters to Nate Silver asking him to marry me, all jokey and funny and whatnot until I read in his interview on QUEERTY a reference he made to actually having read these open letters (which I would also email to him at 538)? God, that was embarrassing.

Anyway, Nate Silver is all the rage these days. And by rage, I mean he is enraging rather dumb sounding pundits who don't understand his data driven methods for election predictions. Thankfully, a comprehensive defense of Nate and his ways, and why the vitriol gets flung his way, is up at Deadspin.

Nate Silver’s Braying Idiot Detractors Show That Being Ignorant About Politics Is Like Being Ignorant About Sports

So there, you hack journalists. Nobody better touch my imaginary nerdy math husband who is probably gay and definitely not reading this post because I am definitely not sending it along.

Just for old time's sake though, let's take a look at the Nate Silver Blingee I made to woo him back in 2008:

Nate Silver Is a Hotty

I wonder why this didn't work???

I am not re-posting, but have re-read all the open letters. While hilarious, they're also ah.... My brother Greg's reaction to them sums things up well:

your nate silver obsession is getting beyond creepy. i don't want you outside his house slashing your wrists or something and certainly no carrying around "catcher in the rye" for you. i hope he has a restraining order, if not he should look into one

Still embarrassing. Not enough to erase all memory of them, obv, but enough to make me bury my face in my sweater a few times.