I went to Savannah for Rene-My-Old-Roommate's fabulous weding. In between celebrating with friends and eating and drinking my way through town, I did manage a smidge of culture.

Savannah Jazz Fest was occurring the entire weekend and provided a lovely back drop to all the wedding events, which were at the gorgeous Mansion at Forsyth Park.

I was able to check out some of the amazing art that's all around Savannah--art being a major thing in the city on account of SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design. In the Mansion there was a display of great ladies' hats of the last 120 years or so. It was awesome. I was wearing a great little funky purple fastenator that Betty The Mum gave me from New Orleans for my birthday this year.

Also at the gallery at the mansion was the work of a very interesting mosaic artist named Laura Dinello. The most amazing thing is that though her work looks like mosiac it is not. It's mixed media. I love it.

I went to An American Craftsmen, which is a gallery/ gift shop that's also in the BErkshires and New York City. The sweetest little thing was there, which was a display called "Boxoly." I loved them.

I found so many awesome thigns at The Clothing Warehouse Vintage Store. Vintage wear fits with creativity blogs. It's where the creative poor people shop to look sparkly!

I also had a look through E. Shaver Bookseller. A beautiful shop with a great mix of local, best sellers, and discount books. I didn't buy because I need another book, especially one on a plane, like I need a hole in the head. But I was keenly interested in "Flannery O'Connor in Comics".

Just walking around the city and looking at the old mansions was wonder enough. I'd like to do a walking tour, a ghost tour or a trolley tour, should I ever go back. I did take a slow ride, but that was at night, while drinking bloody marys, so it wasn't quite the same. Time was crunched for the event itself and making sure I spent quality time with all my lovely Weymouth friends.

Wonderful weather, tasty food, excellent atmosphere--I recommend a trip to anyone. PLus Buffalo Wild Wings plays every game on Sunday, so I could watch the Pats!