I made a romanesco, arugula and garlic frittata for lunch today. My roommate asked where I got the recipe and the answer was my head but I followed a basic frittata recipe structure, which is this:

  • sautee veg, meat (if that's your thing) in large frying pan
  • in a bowl whisk together eggs, milk/cream, tinge of hot sauce and salt and pepper
  • once the sautee is cooked to desire, lower heat and add in egg mixture
  • stir in cheese and also place some cheese on top
  • dont let egg cook all the way, just a little so the contents are still loose and jiggly in the pan
  • heat in oven, covered, for about 20 minutes, then 5 uncovered till sides are brown
  • if your frying pan has a plastic handle just cover it with aluminium foil (use that foil to store leftovers)
That's the basic gist of a frittata. They're super easy, super adjustable to feed a little or a lot and super yummy. Here's how mine went:

Sauteed garlic and romanesco in olive oil til a tiny bit got brown, reduce heat, add arugula, sautee some more. Added egg mixture once arugula was limp. In a separate pan, I took some cream, some smoked mozzarella and some cheddar cheese and let it heat on low then added that to the frittatia pan and stirred it with the egg mixture. After just  a bit of cooking in the pan, I put it in the oven. It was really good.