Big Ideas in Small Spaces

I did some furniture rearranging today. I think it's because I'm reading this book, "The 1950s Kitchen" by Kathryn Ferry, which about kitchens of the 50s (duh) but she's a British author, so it's more about 50s kitchen in England. (Side note: this is one of the first ebooks I've ever borrowed from the library, as mentioned in a previous post). In the 50s they were all about designing space with a good work flow. Makes sense to me. Most of the time we eat meals in teh living room/ dining room area, so eating in the kitchen at our home isn't that important. Having enough space to prepare the food is the thing.

Anyway, the makeover prompted me to head to one of my favorite little site on the web: So cute there!

Here's their latest "small spaces" feature:

Cute stuff! I love what inventions people create when set with the task of putting a lot into a little.